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Product Photography

  • Product Photography (in our studio)

    • These rates are for shooting products in our Lake Forest studio. We have a professional studio with a roll-up door for easy product delivery. We can handle products from jewelry to a motorcycle or refrigerator in size.

    • Setup


      Lighting and reflection setup for a product takes from 1-2 hours to get the shot right. We quote our product shots based on the time to set up the shot and then the time to shoot and edit the photos. This pricing is estimated and is appropriate for most shoots. There can be exceptions for very reflective or translucent objects.
    • Product shots

      $75 – $200ea.

      General quotes for product photography are hard to define. Every product shoot is unique. Some products have more lighting requirements. We base our product shoot quotes on what we are shooting, quantity of shots, setup time and repeatability of the shots for multiple items. For example, if we are shooting a shoe, it might take 90 minutes to get the perfect lighting and shot of that shoe. However, you may have 20 shoes that need to be shot the exact way. The repeatability of the shot makes the pricing less per shot. But if you bring in 10 different pieces of stainless and chrome cookware, or need multiple looks for products of different categories, each shot will have to be re-lit and positioned.
    • Large objects


      A larger object, like a bicycle or a chair, will require more room and wider lighting. In general, these shots take a little longer to get the right background, shadowing, coloring choices. In general, they take a little more time than a table-top item.

    • Clothing/Fashion


      Clothing and fashion shoots require a lot more prep, hair and makeup for models, hanging needs or mannequins for posing product, etc. For this type of a product shoot, a custom quote is required

    • Large quantities.

      For a shooting of dozens to hundreds of products, pricing can be adjusted based on the repeatability of the shots. Contact us for your specific product shoot needs.
  • What’s Included

    • – Session at our studio in Lake Forest, CA, 92630

    • – A password-protected (if requested) online proofing gallery of the best shots, uploaded a few days after the session.

      This private gallery allows you to share, review, and select your images, and will remain online for a minimum of 90 days.

  • Policies

    • The full session fee is due on the day of the shoot.

      We prefer cash or check as payment, although we can also accept credit cards with a small processing fee.
    • All deliverables include high-resolution versions (up to 51 megapixel) of all color-corrected, retouched images.

      We deliver your final files after completing all retouching. We prefer online digital delivery, but other arrangements can be made (CD-ROM, DVD or your own USB key).