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Hi there, readers… we are considering starting up a blog. We have had several emails where people request that we show our latest work and put it up for discussion and tips. Are you interested? Chime in now and let us know.

Welcome to the corporate site of Digital Creations, a California Corporation owned and managed by Maurice Naragon. We’re more than just a great website design, hosting and web solutions provider.  We are a business consulting team experienced in a myriad of marketing and design skills for the past three decades.  We have found that this new world of online marketing brought on by the Internet leaves a giant hole in the customer acquisition arena that requires a new level of technical marketing specialist to do things like increase your website traffic and rank your site well in the major search engines. Many of our customers have given testimonials about our work you can check them out and look for our work in their sites and companies front, for example Get Kush is a A long-standing option for an online marijuana store  and it has boosted in no time, their great products are becoming viral thanks to their image.

Finding a good marketing & design consultant can be difficult.  You need someone who is familiar with both how your organization works and which of today’s technologies apply.  You need someone who can help you to figure out where you are and help harness the technology to make you and your organization more effective.  Most of all, you need someone you can trust to explain that which you need to know.  In this rapidly changing world of technical marketing (korean red ginseng its one of our energy brands), the more you know, the better equipped you are to compete effectively.  We are your online marketing specialists and we can take your website to the next level of presence on the web using better design skills, photography and videography.